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From entrepreneurship and leadership – to purpose and spirituality – the Conscious PIVOT Podcast is the place for powerful insights, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully reinvented some area of their business and personal life. Gain greater insights to navigate your own pivot, learn how to fully embrace new opportunities, increase your performance, master the art and science of innovation and resilience, and love your life!

Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Let your pivot begin!

PR 031 | Employee Empowerment
It’s a beautiful day. It’s a gorgeous day simply to be alive. I relish this moment to be able to remind myself and to remind all of you, wherever you are, that this is a holy moment. This is a sacred moment if for no other reason than we are alive in this moment, we are breathing in this moment and there are people who are taking their very last breath in this moment. I can’t think of any more important reason to be grateful in this moment than the fact that we are here together. Whatever the good, the bad, the ugly is for each of us at any moment in time, there’s something to be grateful for and I’m grateful for all of you. I’m grateful for the friends and the gentlemen, the person I get to spend time with now in your presence. All of you collectively
PR 030 | Innovation
It is such a special day because we’re here, we’re alive, we’re breathing. There’s just nothing more important than the recognition of how special this moment is and how blessed we are. That’s blessing us in every moment despite the fact that there are things that are wrong in the world and things that we don’t love about our lives and things that are going sideways at times in parts of our business or our personal life that we’d like to change or improve. Despite that, it’s such a blessing to be here and to recognize that in this moment there are people who are taking their last breath. For us to breathe and be here breathing together is even that much more special and is something to be grateful for. I’m enormously grateful to be here with you and doubly grateful because, as I’ve been so blessed to do,
I am once again blessed to invite a dear soul to the podcast today. I talk with Josh Trent, host of Wellness Force Radio, and a fitness industry expert that, among other things, explores consciousness and technology and the impact on humanity. Josh has incredible energy, I’m sure mostly thanks to his focus on what he calls “emotional and wellness intelligence”. Josh shares his biggest pivot story, ironically occurring 3 years ago when we met.  He shares how he grew up without the physiology or mental tools to deal with the stresses of life and how he used fitness as a catalyst for wellness. He discovered that most people use the vehicle of fitness to start letting go of weight and energy that doesn’t serve them until they ultimately realize that wellness is a continuum – or a life path. Enjoy more episodes of The Conscious PIVOT Podcast at or download
I’m so excited to reintroduce you to Lisa Garr, a media expert, and host of the Aware Show among many other things. She’s an incredible friend and a blessing to me personally… and to a lot of people! You probably already know and love Lisa. She’s been a long-time catalyst in the space of personal transformation and is a leading force for helping people create awareness and for spreading awareness all around the world. So, it’s apropos that our discussion today, truly unintended as it was, took us right into the heart of the pivot … the importance of having 360 degree “conscious” awareness and the ability to effectively utilize change. Yes, UTILIZE change. Not just manage change… to identify the opportunity inherent in change and then leverage it for growth and betterment. It’s the opposite of living life, or running a business, in a reactive or avoidant state, as
PR 027 | Power of Challenge
Today I had the honor of talking with a good friend, John Assaraf. In addition to John’s many accomplishments and his near-celebrity status (he was featured in the Secret), he’s the CEO of Neurogym. Once a year, he and his company bring us the Brain-a-thon, a full day of amazing content on the brain – all for free. I am truly blessed to call him a friend. Aside from being successful in business, he is truly a solid human being. In this episode we talk about successful navigation through challenges. Including giving yourself permission to realize that it’s not realistic to be doing amazing in every area of your life all the time. Not even people like John. As he puts it, we are all fellow humanitarians trying to figure out the path and the complexities of life. Every day is a new challenge – a challenge that we use
PR 026 | Image vs. Authenticity
I’m excited to share with you another wonderful human that defines contribution and represents “True Beauty” – Jennifer Butler. Jennifer is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has spent 35 years helping people live the lives they love through the use of color and the sacred geometry of design. She’s a true master of the Psychology of Color and Visual Communication. She has helped more than 7,000 individual clients fully express their authentic selves, applying the principles of Color and Design as a vehicle for Personal Growth. In this episode, Jennifer talks about how color, style, even the way our shirt collar falls, plays a role in our development and our betterment. It also highlights the importance of the visual to all of our communication. Jennifer’s is a truly heart-driven pivot that she shares – going from 10 years in the fashion world where
I’m blessed to know so many people who are sharing amazing gifts in the world and serving so many. Today’s guest, Dr. Anita Sanchez, is one of those people. Anita is a fellow TLC member and an inspiration to us all. She talks about her pivot story: from giving up hope after many years in corporate diversity and inclusion work, to the realization that we cannot just sit around complaining about the world. To create what we want…. we have to do MORE of it. Together, we talk about peace, connection, and the power of presence in receiving our gifts. We also discuss Anita’s newest book, spurred by racial tensions in this country, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times by Simon & Schuster. When Anita is not advocating for women or leading her annual journey into the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, Anita inspires and trains global corporate
PR 024 | Price of Success
On today’s podcast, I introduce a new friend who truly embodies the meaning of a successful “PIVOT by design”: Cathy Demers, founder and CEO of Cathy shares her pivot from the “pressure cooker” of a publicly traded company (that she founded and took public) to a business she loves and the blessing of being a lifestyle entrepreneur. Cathy’s struggle with a stress-based illness and the often conflicting interests of corporate life, drove her determination to conquer how to become successful in business, without paying the prices she previously paid. She too dismisses the myth of “balance”, and instead advocates for taking a longer term approach to holding a vision, redefining what success means, and then “relaxing into it”. Cathy and I also talk about success rituals and the creative tension between wanting to build something really big and exciting – and enjoying the process along the way. Learn more
[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.0.69″ custom_padding=”0px|||”][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.0.69″ background_position_1=”top_left” background_repeat_1=”no-repeat” custom_margin=”0px|||” custom_padding=”0px|||” padding_top_1=”0px”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.98″ background_layout=”light” custom_margin=”0px|||” custom_padding=”0px|||”] Yet another beautiful day to be grateful to be alive…. and another amazing PIVOT story about someone utilizing change for good… someone stepping into the power of change instead of fearing it: Teresa De Grosbois. I’m blessed to know Teresa who is a 4x Bestselling Author and an international speaker. Teresa specializes in the topics of influence and success. In this episode, she shares learnings from her “stellar pivots’, including her transition from the trappings of corporate success to the sobering realization that SHE needed to be her primary “renovation project”. Teresa shares the beauty that comes from making the decision to “pivot by design”. Her book, Mass Influence, The Habits of the Highly Influential, hit #1 international bestseller on the same day it launched. Teresa teaches business and marketing courses around the globe, including
I’m really excited to introduce you to David “Hackman!” Hackett, who embodies so many of the principles of successfully pivoting. In this episode, we discuss the Hackman!’s secrets of being a successful serial entrepreneur and having fun along the journey. David talks about the importance of change utilization, what is really “living”, and the importance of being open to new opportunities and creating a clear vision for your business. David Hackett’s life reads like a Hollywood script. A surfer turned skateboarding pioneer and icon, he was a world champion at 15. He was 20 when his brother murdered their mother in the kitchen of their family home. Hackett spent the next 20 years as a drug addict and alcoholic and one of his sports top professional riders. After getting sober, he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and cured himself with lifestyle modification. Happily married and totally drug and