It is such a special day because we're here, we're alive, we're breathing. There's just nothing more important than the recognition of how special this moment is and how blessed we are. That's blessing us in every moment despite the fact that there are things that are wrong in the world and things that we don't love about our lives and things that are going sideways at times in parts of our business or our personal life that we'd like to change or improve. Despite that, it's such a blessing to be here and to recognize that in this moment there are people who are taking their last breath. For us to breathe and be here breathing together is even that much more special and is something to be grateful for. I'm enormously grateful to be here with you and doubly grateful because, as I've been so blessed to do, I get to share the stories of people who have done amazing things in their lives, have been resilient, have been smart, have been not smart, have been the whole gamut of the human experience in context of business and also in personal areas. I have such a profound pleasure in bringing somebody on our show and for you to listen to her because she is a dynamic human being, an amazing woman, a mom, a business owner, a really smart lady. My personal assessment is this lady and her husband, they're a dynamic duo in their business and they help a lot of people in ways that are state of the art; just not the run-of-the-mill stuff, not perpetuating old paradigm stuff in the space of business or in marketing in particular. They're doing special things. I don't know where this conversation is going to go. I never do. That is exciting. It's thrilling. I don't introduce anybody. I want our guests to say what's important for them that we know about them in this moment.