About Adam Markel

Adam’s Speaking Topics Include

  • Getting Clear: Six Steps to Clarity
  • Six Myths to Overcome
  • The Five Principles of Momentum
  • Establish Your Basecamp
  • Your Code of Conduct
  • The Power of Habit
  • Creating Daily Rituals for Success
  • 10X versus 2X Thinking
  • How to Create an Unstoppable Team
  • Crafting Your Unique Brand of Leadership
  • Operating A Value Based Business
  • Taking Action: 21 Day Pivot Plan
  • How to Raise Your Energy
  • How the Invisible Creates the Visible
  • Personal and Professional Reinvention
  • Financial Literacy and Self-Actualization
  • Creating Money With Meaning
  • A Powerful Ritual To Love Your Life
  • Creating Daily Rituals for Success
  • Corporate Reinvention
  • Life Lessons Learned As An Attorney, Entrepreneur and CEO

Adam has a Love…

for helping people create massive transformation in their lives, which is rooted in his personal practice of growth and constant, never ending self-improvement. Adam’s journey of reinvention has led him to living a life he loves, where he’s actively sharing his unique gifts, making a positive impact and leading from his heart. He is a magnificent example of what it means to “walk the talk” and live with integrity, leadership, tenacity and immense gratitude. These qualities and experiences are what make Adam a wildly charismatic, sincere and riveting speaker.

As someone…

who is committed to physical, spiritual and emotional fitness and well-being, Adam Markel is a shining example of what it means to lead a healthy, fulfilling and authentic lifestyle. At the origin of his personal and professional success are his carefully curated daily rituals, some of which include practicing yoga, surfing, morning green juices and creating space for meditation. It’s through these powerful habits that Adam builds and nurtures his energy, passion and peace of mind.

A Recognized Expert…

in the integration of business and personal transformation, Adam has been interviewed by: Fox News, Newsday, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Prior to his work with New Peaks, Adam spent two years teaching junior high school English, founded a successful commercial real estate investment firm and went to law school — where he passed the New York State, New Jersey State and Federal Court bars.

After law school Adam founded a multimillion-dollar law firm specializing in finance, commercial and employment litigation. Over the course of his 17-year practice, Adam represented over 1,000 matters with hundreds of clients including Citibank, Wachovia and HSBC.

“If you wake up in the morning and say to yourself, I love my life, your conditioned mind will, unconsciously or consciously, look for evidence to prove that your life is worth loving.”


~ Adam Markel ~